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Mar 15

Wildlife Photography Number 1 – Bald Eagle

1 Eagle watermark

I have always been fascinated with Bald Eagles one would suspect that it is national pride.   It might be due to the fact that when I was a kid seeing a bald eagle was an extremely rare sighting considering they were endangered at that time.  Of course, it could just be their large size, the …

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Mar 08

Wildlife Photography Number 2 – Banded Orange Butterfly

2 Butterfly 2 St. Louis Watermark

One of my favorite things to photograph is the butterfly not because I am a particular fan of butterflies, I mean in the world of insects the butterfly is probably my favorite and that is only because most other bugs give me the creeps.  The reason that I like photographing butterflies is the fact that …

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Mar 01

Wildlife Photography Number 3 – Red Panda

Red Panda

The red panda is one of Karen’s favorite animals.  Anytime we go to a zoo she is always on the lookout for them.  In fact, we even stopped by the Knoxville Zoo when we were traveling through Tennessee just to see a baby red panda.  This picture was taken at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Usually …

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Feb 22

Wildlife Photography Number 4 – Peacock Trying to Attract a Mate


Karen and I were visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo during the springtime when we came across a peacock trying to do all it could to attract a mate.  We first saw it sitting on the fence behind looking out over a field, but when a peahen sauntered over to his area he swooped down and …

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Feb 16

Wildlife Photography Number 5 – Moray Eel

Moray Eel

A wonderful day of snorkeling in Maui is my perfect vacation day.  In my lifetime, no matter how many opportunities I will get to snorkel I do not think that I could ever get enough, but God willing I will try to get enough in before my days are up.  This photograph was taken off …

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Feb 08

Wildlife Photography Number 6 – Baby Elephant

baby elephant

I took this photo when Karen and I visited the Oklahoma City Zoo early in the summer of 2011.  We went there to see the new baby elephant which was exciting for both of us because neither of us had see a baby elephant in person before.  The baby elephant named Malee along with its …

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Feb 02

Wildlife Photography Number 7 – Caiman


One of my favorite things to photograph is the eyes of an animal.  Furthermore, one of the most frustrating things to photograph is the eyes of an animal.  The camera that I have, which is a wonderful camera by the way, is limited in the amount of manual focus control that I can do.  It …

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Jan 26

Wildlife Photography Number 8 – Bison at Yellowstone

8 Buffalo at Old Faithful

One of my favorite animals to see in the wild is the American buffalo or the bison.  I do not know if it is because it is the largest land animal that is native to North America or it is the fact that growing up in the plains you are filled with images of millions …

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Jan 19

Wildlife Photography Number 9 – Leaping Polar Bear

9 Polar Bear Leap

Karen and I were excited when we heard that the Kansas City Zoo had added a new polar bear exhibit and of course we wanted to check it out the next time that we were there.  The exhibit did not disappoint in fact Karen has grand plans if we ever win the lottery about how …

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Jan 12

Wildlife Photography Number 10- Young Chimpanzee and Adult

10 Chimpanzes at Play

This photograph was taken on a relatively cold December day when we were visiting the Tulsa Zoo a few years back.  We were in Tulsa to see a play at their civic center so we decided to make a weekend out of it by going to some of their museums and of course going to …

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