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Jan 23

Where to Next???

Vacation Planning

Karen and I sat down the other day during a brief respite from work and talked about where we would like to go on our next big vacation which will probably be sometime in the spring or summer.  We know that traveling by plane is out of the question for us this time around.  M …

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Oct 08

Monday Musing: A to Z Travel Part 2


After making the first part of my list and just reviewing it I should call it my bucket list because it will take a lifetime of work to even come close to paying for all of those trips.  Here is to winning the lottery!  If you want to check out my A to Z Travel …

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Oct 01

Monday Musing: A to Z Travel Part 1


Karen and I have been thinking about our next big trip idea and we have a few that we are trying to choose from.  While thinking about where we would want to go I started daydreaming about all the places that I want to see.  Since there are so many my daydreaming lasted a lot …

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