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Jun 07

Flora Photography Number 1: Tulips


This photograph of tulips was taken at the Saint Louis Botanical Garden during an extended weekend trip that we took there.  Over the last couple of months I have just moved from the camera’s computer making most of the decisions for me to now shooting everything in manual.  It still is frustrating at times especially …

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Mar 21

Flora Photography Number 2: Shy Scarlett Snapshot


This scarlett beauty was shot on a recent visit to Tyler Texas.  We got the opportunity to visit the Municipal Rose Garden and were pleasantly surprised to see several plants were already in bloom.  I was afraid we would be welcomed by a bunch of sticks since we are just coming out of winter but there were …

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Jan 09

Flora Photography Number 3: Sunken Garden

sunken garden

This photograph was taken at the Como Park Conservatory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This is such a gorgeous green house and garden area.  I was absolutely enamored with the symmetry of this particular room.  They do seasonal ‘themed’ rooms and change out all the plants within this area quarterly.  We were lucky enough to see the beautiful chrysanthemum display …

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Nov 16

Flora Photography Number 4: Black and White Rose

black and white rose

This rose photograph was taken at a beautiful garden we visited over fall break.  Kenny is such a pro, he can even get great shots like this while he has baby M on his chest in the Baby Bjorn.  I really like the way the petals of the rose are so very crisp while the …

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Nov 03

Flora Photography Number 5: Weeping Willow in Fall

Weeping Willow in Fall

This beautiful, moody, autumn weeping willow was spotted on our most recent vacation. We were in South Dakota at the zoo and Kenny gazed across a field and great photographer that he is realized that this would be a perfect ‘fall’ shot.  He was carrying M in the Baby Bjorn at this precise moment so …

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Oct 18

Flora Photography Number 6 – Purple Orchids

Purple Orchids

One of Karen’s favorite flowers is the Orchid, so you know when I saw these purple orchids I had to get a picture for her.  They are especially stunning because of the veins within the petals and the variegation they have going on.  Such contrast always promises for a good picture. These really caught my eye …

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Sep 28

Flora Photography Number 7 – Patterned Cactus


This is not the most beautiful plant that we have ever seen, but the pattern of needles radiating from the center bloom for some reason or another speaks to me.  It is pretty amazing to look at a simple plant and start to think why would God design a plant like that?  One of the …

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Sep 13

Flora Photography Number 8 – Pink Hibiscus

pink hibiscus

This beautiful hibiscus was discovered while on our recent visit to The Philbrook Museum while we were in Tulsa for Kenny’s birthday.  Our first visit to this museum was in December so needless to say there weren’t many flowers in bloom, but this visit was right at the height of flower season.  We were astonished …

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Aug 30

Flora Photography Number 9 – Pink Rose

pink rose

This pink rose photograph was taken at a wonderful park and garden that we visited recently.  It has been such a hot dry summer that very few of the roses were actually blooming at this point.  So this bright pink perfect beauty really stood out.  It was like a diamond in the rough.  Karen actually …

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Aug 17

Flora Photography Number 10 – Butterfly getting nectar

Butterfly on flower

This picture really caught our eye because of the majestic orange butterfly perched on top of the multicolored flower.  I wish I could tell you what kind of flower this is, it is so facinating with multiple colors of petals, but unfortunately I don’t know.  I only know that we thought it was beautiful so …

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