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Jul 29

Tip of the Week: Get a Hobby


Get a hobby; find something that helps you pass the days filling you with enjoyment.  I think that one of the reasons that so much junk (and it is junk) ends up on television is because they know that many of us just spend our nights watching what is on tv.  Now I am not …

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Jul 01

Tip of the Week: Invest in a Library Card

library card

Tip of the Week: Invest in a Library Card Now this might sound a little old-fashioned and cheesy, but having a library card is the cheapest and easiest way to go wherever you want to go.  Growing up I was never a big fan of the library even though I love to read, stupid me, …

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Jun 25

Tip of the Week: Keep the Clutter at a Minimum


Tip of the Week: Keep the Clutter at a Minimum via Ever find yourself with too many irons in the fire and not knowing how to keep track of it all.  Karen and I have run into that type of situation time and time again ever since our baby girl was born.  We having been …

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Jun 17

Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh


Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh via Now normally I am not a big fan of Youtube or at least spending hours at a time watching videos, but my brother-in-law said I had to watch this video called Guy on a Buffalo. To give you a little background on why he would …

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Jun 03

Tip of the Week: Find Role Models Everyday

Role Model

Last Friday night Karen and I got to get very personal with about 500 people as we stood hunkered down in an underground shelter riding out the latest storm to hit our state.  The majority of people there minded their own business and looked after themselves, a few were agitated and decided to not respect …

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May 20

Tip of Week: Take Better Care of your Body

take care of your body

Take better care of your body is a pretty common sense thing to have for a tip of the week, but honestly how many of us out there do it?  Now I am not talking about getting into super shape or eating healthy all the time, and if you are one of those types that …

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May 06

Tip of the Week: Go Outside

go outside

Tip of the Week: Go Outside One of the big changes for us since M, our baby girl, has been born is the amount of time that we have spent outside.  Not that we were a couple of homebodies or something, but now just about every day (weather permitting) we go for a late afternoon …

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Apr 01

Tip of the Week: Have Substantive Conversations

religion politics

I don’t know about you, but as for me I rarely hear any conservations of substance anymore.  I hear lots of conversations about the latest television shows, sporting events, local or national gossip, and those things are not horrible by any means but they just do not stimulate the mind like a substantive conversation can.  …

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Mar 25

Tip of the Week: Imitate the Best


As a coach I am always looking for inspiration and stories from some of the best coaches from any sport to use with the guys I coach.  The way that I have always looked at and admired coaches like Wooden, Knight, Lombardi, and Ferguson trying to learn as much from them as well as many …

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Mar 11

Tip of the Week: Stick to your Principles


Going to try a new topic over the next couple of weeks to see how it goes, please let me know if you like the new segment or should I go back to my musing. On past Mondays over the last year I usually write about something that has been on my mind, however lately …

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