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Jul 28

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, located in Tucson Arizona, is truly a unique place because it is actually three first rate attractions in one place.   It is a combination of a zoo, natural history museum, and a botanical garden all rolled up into one great experience.  Each unique part of the museum shows the variations that are desert …

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Jul 21

Saguaro National Park West

Southwest Desert

After visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is wonderful place by the way, I decided to stop by the western section of Saguaro National Park.  I had already been to Saguaro National Park East and enjoyed my visit there hiking and driving the scenic Cactus Forest Drive so I wanted to see what the western …

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Jul 06

Saguaro National Park East

Along the Trail

Saguaro National Park is divided up into two sections or districts.  There is one east of Tucson and the other section is on the Westside of town.  The Saguaro National Park is home to North America’s largest cacti the giant saguaro which is one of the main reasons to visit.  This was my first visit to the park, …

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Jun 30

Pima Air and Space Museum: Aviation Nirvana

Flight Trainer

While on a recent trip to Arizona I got the chance to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson which if you like planes than this is your nirvana. It was a really fascinating place, the museum is dedicated to the history of flight and houses one of the largest aircraft collections in …

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Jun 24

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Orange Butterfly

 The Tucson Botanical Garden has come a long way since its beginnings as a personal garden at the home of Harrison G. Yocum.  What started out as a large diverse collection of cacti and palms has turned into a botanical garden the city of Tucson can be proud of.  Today, the Tucson Botanical Gardens contain …

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Jun 09

Mission San Xavier del Bac – Tucson

Tucson Mission

The Mission San Xavier del Bac is a must see if you are traveling in the Tucson area of Arizona.   It is a beautiful historic Spanish Catholic Mission that was founded in 1692 and the current building was completed in 1797. It is always amazing to me to think about all the history that has …

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May 29

Reid Park Zoo – Tucson

African Lions

The Reid Park Zoo is a small 17 acre zoo found in the city of Tucson, Arizona.  While it is extremely small compared to other zoos found in the United States this zoo has just about everything that a visitor would want to see.  It is home to about 500 animals including all the big …

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