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May 04

Texas Discovery Gardens: A Little Garden a Little Butterfly a lot of Fun


Texas Discovery Gardens is sensory explosion for little children.  A 7.5 acre botanic garden and a 2 story tall butterfly house all for a reasonable price makes for a fun little outing for the family.  We coupled the Texas Discovery Gardens with the small but well done Children’s Aquarium right next door and had a …

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Apr 27

Great Aquarium Exhibit: Orinoco Rainforest


The Dallas World Aquarium is one of our favorite aquariums that we have ever visited.  A chief reason for our fond feelings for the aquarium is because of their wonderful Orinoco Rainforest exhibit.  This large exhibit is one of the main attractions of the Aquarium.  While it feels like half of the aquarium is dedicated …

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Mar 23

Children’s Aquarium: Perfect for the Wee Ones


The Children’s Aquarium in Dallas was one of the highlights of our spring break Texas trip because our little 2 year old loved the place.  Seeing her face light up at the different aquarium tanks as she ran from spot to spot makes the trials of a road trip with a 2 wee ones worth …

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Mar 20

Top 10 Things to See or Do in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

dallas sports

The Dallas Fort Worth area is a place that Karen and I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in when we travel to Texas.  Now we can do without the traffic, but as far as having high quality entertainment the Dallas Fort Worth area has it in spades.  Karen and I highly …

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Mar 07

Sixth Floor Museum: Walking in the Footsteps of Tragedy

Texas School Book Depository

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas tells the story of how President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on that tragic day on November 22nd 1963.  The museum is located on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building which at the time of the assassination was the Texas School Book …

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Feb 28

Dallas Museum of Art: Big Art in the Big City

Ancient Mask

The Dallas Museum of Art is a world class art museum located in the Arts District in downtown Dallas.  It is one of the biggest art museums in Texas with a gathering of more than 22,000 works of art from around the world.  Their massive collection includes works from the third millennium BC to modern times …

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Feb 21

Dallas Zoo: A Safari of Fun

Giraffe Close Up

Karen and I have been to the Dallas Zoo twice and have enjoyed both our visits because it just seems to get better each time.  Our first visit was in the early fall of 2010 when they first opened the Giants of the Savanna African exhibit which could be the best exhibit we have ever …

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Feb 13

Dallas Holocaust Museum: A Humbling Experience

Dallas Holocaust Museum Entrance

The Dallas Holocaust Museum was something Karen and I just stumbled upon when visiting the 6th Floor Museum and seeing the area where President Kennedy was assassinated.  Thinking that we would probably not be in that part of Dallas for a long time we decided to check it out.  The museum itself is rather small, …

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Jun 13

Dallas World Aquarium: A Whale of a Tale

Looking at an aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is a very unique place.  Karen and I had never been there before and were expecting the usual aquarium fanfare; the rooms with many fish tanks, some of them with themes like freshwater and saltwater…. if we were lucky maybe a walkthrough shark tank or coral reef.  We were not expecting …

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