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Feb 17

Wolfe Ranch: Arches National Park


Wolfe Ranch, an eye opener to a much harsher reality that awaited people a century ago. Located in what will later become Arches National Park, Wolfe Ranch is a one-room cabin.  Built by John Wesley Wolfe at the turn of the 20th century.  He made a go of that arid Utah landscape for over a …

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Feb 13

Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail: Arches National Park


Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trail is the go between hike for those not looking to go all the way to the famous landmark.  There are three different views of Delicate Arch.  The first and most accessible for all visitors is the Delicate Arch Viewpoint area about 100 yards from the parking lot.  The second is a …

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Feb 12

Windows Loop Trail: Arches National Park


Windows Loop Trail is another family friendly hike located in the Windows Section of Arches National Park.  This loop trek lasts just a little over a mile and shows off three arches.  The North and South Window Arch which is affectionately known as the spectacles.  Or as my wife refers to it, Quasimodo, the Hunch-face …

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Feb 10

Balanced Rock: Arches National Park


Balanced Rock, one of the more famous landmarks in a national park full of them. In a land filled with thousands of physical features, Balanced Rock stands above and slightly to the left of them all.  Easy to get to.  Easy to see.  Located on the park road makes this landmark a breeze to see. …

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Feb 08

Double Arch Trail: Arches National Park


Double Arch Trail is the perfect get to know ya hike for Arches National Park.  A short suitable trail just about any able body type.  A half mile trail to a close-set pair of natural arches.  The trail is very easy with hardly any elevation gain and the first trail my three-year-old I did upon …

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Aug 22

Top Ten Things to see in Arches National Park

Sunset at Arches versions 2

Arches National Park is just so chalk full of western icons that it should be on everybody’s to do list.  I have been to the park four times and there would have been a fifth time if a blizzard last March would not have blown through the area rerouting me to Tucson and Phoenix.  Every time …

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Oct 16

Delicate Arch Trail:

Kenny and Karen at Delicate Arch

The Delicate Arch Trail is the quintessential hike in the Arches National Park complex located in Utah.  If you are going to do one hike this is the one to do.  Make sure you take the hike around sunset so you can make best use of the light.  Since it is the hike that most …

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