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Jun 23

Austin Zoo – Texas

Austin Zoo is not your typical zoo and would be more suitably called a sanctuary.  It takes in unwanted exotic animals and gives them a place to live.  We have been to other animal sanctuaries and support them in what they do.  However, when I tell my 5-year-old we are going to a zoo she …

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May 13

Great Zoo Exhibit: Museum of Living Art


Museum of Living Art or MOLA is a world class exhibit dedicated to the more colorful species in the animal kingdom. Located at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas this great museum makes any trip to the Fort Worth Zoo a worthwhile destination. Opened in 2010, the Museum of Living Art is a 30,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor …

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Apr 13

Fort Worth Botanic Garden: Fantastic Freebie


The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a free attraction located on the southwest side of Trinity Park.  It is Texas’s oldest botanic garden and one of the largest in the state at 109 acres.  Whenever Karen and I are traveling we are always on the lookout for well-done free attractions and it does not get …

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Mar 13

Fort Worth Zoo: A Texas Sized Zoo


The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the highest rated zoos in the United States having been rated a top zoo by various newspapers and other publications.  So going in Karen and I had pretty high hopes for the zoo, and though it did not disappoint, Karen and I did not see what the fuss …

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Aug 31

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center: Port Aransas

Kenny with alligator

Kenny is the most amazing vacation partner in the world!  He always does lots of research and discovers the hidden treasures within any area that we visit.  I appreciate so much the way he always goes the extra mile, searching online, checking out books from the library, gathering information, to make sure our vacations are …

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Jun 24

River Walk: San Antonio

River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is the number one tourist attraction in Texas, which is pretty amazing considering all the things there are to do in the state.  I wonder if Congressman Maury Maverick and Mayor C.K. Quin had any idea that their little project in 1939 to raise $75,000 to leverage the WPA funds …

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