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Apr 23

Teaching Tip: Two Keys to Standardized Testing Success

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Another year in the book, well in the terms of my particular state my end of instruction standardized test that my class took two weeks ago now I only have 7 weeks of school left to teach… something.  Based on the raw scores my students were very successful passing their test at roughly an 80% rate, scoring a …

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Apr 11

Fighting the Wrong Fight: Why Common Core is not the Problem

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Certain groups in my state and other groups out there are fighting the fight to end Common Core.  For those that have not been paying much attention to the changes in education, Common Core is a new set of standards trying to establish a common curriculum across the states.  Theoretically if a student from Georgia …

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Aug 20

Monday Musing: Home School or Not to Home School that is the Question

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Do we home school or not home school, that is the question that we have been struggling with lately.  Karen and I have had some strong discussion on just what we are going to do with our child’s and future children’s education.  Do we break the bank and put them in private schools, roll the dice …

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