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Jan 31

Teaching Tip: Importance of Building Vocabulary


I have noticed in my teaching that it seems we keep going around an issue and never solving it.  I know the students who do well in my class have a better working vocabulary than those who do poorly.  I cognitively try to use as much testing language as I can throughout the day to help …

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Jan 24

Teaching Tip: Be Creative with your Bell Ringers

Horse cow chicken

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher is learn about my students find out what makes them tick.  Since the great push towards standardized testing each year there seems to be a little less time getting to know the students and more time hammering the material, prepping for the tests, and teaching …

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Jan 10

Teaching Tip: Quick Easy Review for Better Test Scores

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Quick Easy Review for Better Test Scores via In this day and age in teaching I am always looking for ways to help my students increase their standardized test scores not only for their sake but mine as well.  Like most states the one I work in has a list of tests for students to …

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May 14

Monday Musing: Big Changes Ahead

Teacher Layoff

It is ironic how things turn out.  What I mean by that is that is when one thing is going well then another aspect of life seems to be going down the tubes.  Does that happen to anyone else or is it just me? The last couple of weeks at school we found out from the …

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