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Oct 23

Teaching Tip: Student Feud

Survey Says

I am always looking to come up with a new study game for the students to use.  After 12 years of teaching the same subject a little variety becomes the spice of life.  Jeopardy is an oldie but goodie though it has been done to death.   I have used 1 vs class to some success.  …

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Jan 10

School or Education


As a public school teacher we are placed under a lot of pressure to provide an education for our students, and rightly so.  That is why I choose that career and have persevered doing it for over a decade.  Unfortunately it gets tougher every year to stay with it.  Do not get me wrong, I …

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Oct 09

Teaching Tip: Become a Good Storyteller


Teaching Tip: Become a Good Storyteller A mark of a good teacher is that they can relate whatever information they have to teach to their students.  The meat of the lesson has to make them feel or believe that this is important in order for them to care.  Honestly in an inner city school if …

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Sep 26

Teaching Tip: Sometimes all you can do is Laugh


Teaching Tip: Sometimes all you can do is Laugh Sometimes things are great and sometimes they are not, and during the latter, all you can do is laugh.  Students will always be students no matter if you are a posh nice school or working in the inner-city like I do there are always going to be …

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May 29

Teacher Tip: Crash Course

Crash Course

This tip is probably not a new one to a lot of teachers out there but as for me I just discovered the educational videos Crash Course a few days ago.  Since watching about a dozen of them Crash Course and their videos on YouTube is now going to be a part of my review sessions I have for my history class …

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May 12

Good Assignments for Those Last Days of School: Part II

I don't wanna go

via For me those last few weeks of school just seem to drag on forever.  It is not really because I am that anxious to get out of there and start summer break, but the real culprit to those mind numbing weeks is the fact there is just nothing left to go over.  This year …

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Apr 23

Teaching Tip: Two Keys to Standardized Testing Success

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Another year in the book, well in the terms of my particular state my end of instruction standardized test that my class took two weeks ago now I only have 7 weeks of school left to teach… something.  Based on the raw scores my students were very successful passing their test at roughly an 80% rate, scoring a …

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Apr 11

Fighting the Wrong Fight: Why Common Core is not the Problem

no to common core

Certain groups in my state and other groups out there are fighting the fight to end Common Core.  For those that have not been paying much attention to the changes in education, Common Core is a new set of standards trying to establish a common curriculum across the states.  Theoretically if a student from Georgia …

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Apr 03

Teacher Tip: Dealing with Frustration


The biggest highlight of teaching is seeing how much the students improve throughout the year.  Also the lowest moment of teaching is seeing some of the students not improve as much as you would like.  When they do not improve or attempt to improve the frustration level of the job rises to almost unbearable proportions. …

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Mar 01

Teaching Tip: Current Events is a great Teaching Tool

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Teaching Tip: Current Events is a great Teaching Tool As a history teacher doing battle every day trying to get students to care about the past when they are so busy tweeting, doing status updates, and sending 100s of text messages per hour on their cellphones getting them to care about the past can be …

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