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Jun 28

Teaching Tip: Prepare Now Save Time Later

save time

Teaching Tip: Prepare Now Save Time Later I remember my time as a first year teacher many years ago spending hours every week working on lesson plans, reading material, and just trying to stay one step ahead of where I was supposed to be teaching.  It took over two years to really get everything down …

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May 03

Teaching Tip: Develop Thick Skin


If you are a tender hearted person that takes every little comment personally then teaching might not be the profession for you.  The reason I say this is because no matter where you go, what you see, or even the students in your class you will hear some people say “if only there were better …

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Apr 12

Teaching Tip: Let your students know you are counting on them

I'm counting

Hopefully by this point in the school year the class and its teacher have developed a level of high respect for each other to the point that they both are willing to work mutually hard for one another.  If that respect has not been grown and matured then no amount of asking, explaining why, or …

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Apr 05

Teaching Tip: Do Not Let the Bureaucracy Get You Down

top down

A lot of my teaching tips have focused on what goes on in the classroom, and you can check out those tips by clicking here.  However this time I thought I would tackle a little bit different topic which is the bureaucracy in teaching. Now I love my job and working where I do with the …

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Mar 29

Teaching Tip: Make Every Test Count

make it count

My students have to take tests constantly if it is not a chapter test that is coming up then it is a state mandated test.  It seems like that is all we end up doing so by the end of the year with no immediate consequences on the line for them the state end of …

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Mar 08

Teaching Tip: Respect them enough to let them come to their own conclusions

thinking cap

One of the things that I pride myself in is to get my students to really think for themselves in my classroom.  Now you might be thinking that is a pretty dumb statement because that is the whole purpose of students going to school is learn how to think, but it seems anymore teachers are …

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Feb 08

Teaching Tip: Reach Out to Breakthrough

Reach Out

If you want your students to like your material then you have to reach out to your students and reach them on their level.  Living in a society of ‘what is in it for me’, teaching has become less of ‘here is the information you need to know’ to ‘this is how the information I …

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