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Aug 20

Oklahoma Science Museum: Where Fun Happens

Oklahoma Science Museum

The Oklahoma Science Museum in Oklahoma City is a wonderful hands on place that has a little bit of just about everything that deals with science.  The museum is design for those that are young or just young at heart.  There are several different exhibits that explore the science of space, solving crimes, aviation, and many other things.  …

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Aug 12

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center: Woodland Park


The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, located in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado seems like it could be just another tourist trap, but it is far from it.  It is a wonderful dinosaur museum/resource center that has many dinosaur exhibits including a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  The center also provides many dinosaur casts …

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Jul 18

Museum of World Treasures:An Impressive Collection for Kansas


The Wichita Museum of World Treasures is a jack of all trades museum.  This museum has a little bit of everything, from dinosaur bones to a fighter pilot flight suit and Marilyn Monroe’s gloves to a section of the Berlin Wall.  While it is not the biggest or best museum it does have an impressive …

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