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Aug 30

Medano Creek: Great Sand Dunes National Park


Medano Creek is where you will probably have the most fun during a visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  I know that was true for us.  As interesting as it was to hike up the sand dunes and see sunrise from the top Medano Creek was a whole lot more fun and effortless to …

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Aug 15

Landscape photography Number 15: Sunrise Great Sand Dunes

One of the most fun things about photography is all the experimenting involved. There are so many different things you can photograph and ways to photograph them. Different angles, different lighting, so many options. Photograph literally means light picture, so lighting is one of the greatest things to experiment with. On a recent trip to …

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Aug 04

High Dune: Great Sand Dunes National Park


When planning a trip to the Southeastern part of Colorado, I knew one of the things I had to see while I was there was the Great Sand Dunes National Park and more specifically hiking the sand dunes there.  I had never been there and for some crazy reason I had it stuck in mind …

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Jul 06

Great Sand Dunes National Park: Dunes at Sunrise


I had never been to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, and was excited at the possibility of photographing such a unique place.  Probably not too many places in the world where there are towering mountains, large sand dunes, and a creek.  Knowing it was late June I figured the most enjoyable time to photograph was …

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