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Oct 22

Monday Musing: Determination


Monday Musing – Determination I got to see a wonderful example of determination and the will to beat the odds last Friday during my teams last cross country meet. The meet was the 6A Junior High State Meet and it was the last chance for my guys to prove that they had what it took. …

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May 02

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Recap

Race Number

Well I survived the half-marathon and that is about all I can say about it.  I ran my worst time ever which was to be expected since my training was not all that it should have been.  I will say that I was proud of the fact that I did not have to walk once, …

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Apr 28

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is Tomorrow!!!

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

I am excited about running it again, and when I say again I am just talking about the half-marathon which is 13.1 miles compared to the full marathon.  Someday I might tackle the full marathon but having a race based on a story from Ancient Greece where the runner Pheidippides after delivering his messaged died from …

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Feb 13

Monday Musing: Running Gives Me Time…

Night Running

A while back in a previous musing I signed myself up for my annual punishment of running a half-marathon.  Over the last seven years I have tried to run it and some years I am successful other years sickness or injury takes its toll and things to do not go as planned.  While running the …

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Jan 02

Monday Musing: A glutton for punishment


So, my wife gets a text last night from my mom that yesterday was the last day for a discount on entering The Oklahoma City Memorial Half-Marathon and my Mom and I try to do it every year, but this year I was having second thoughts about it.  With a baby on the way Karen …

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