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Mar 21

Flora Photography Number 2: Shy Scarlett Snapshot


This scarlett beauty was shot on a recent visit to Tyler Texas.  We got the opportunity to visit the Municipal Rose Garden and were pleasantly surprised to see several plants were already in bloom.  I was afraid we would be welcomed by a bunch of sticks since we are just coming out of winter but there were …

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Nov 16

Flora Photography Number 4: Black and White Rose

black and white rose

This rose photograph was taken at a beautiful garden we visited over fall break.  Kenny is such a pro, he can even get great shots like this while he has baby M on his chest in the Baby Bjorn.  I really like the way the petals of the rose are so very crisp while the …

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Aug 30

Flora Photography Number 9 – Pink Rose

pink rose

This pink rose photograph was taken at a wonderful park and garden that we visited recently.  It has been such a hot dry summer that very few of the roses were actually blooming at this point.  So this bright pink perfect beauty really stood out.  It was like a diamond in the rough.  Karen actually …

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