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Dec 14

Cruisers Café 66: Williams, AZ


We were going for the whole Route 66 experience while driving to Williams, Arizona to see their animal attraction called Bearizona.  The murals were nice, seeing the Grand Canyon Express up close was kind of cool, and the throwback motif of a restaurant Cruiser Café 66 was a nice feather in the cap to our …

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Aug 08

Pop’s: Route 66 Effervescance

Pop's Route 66

While traveling Route 66 through the Arcadia area of Oklahoma, a little before lunch time, we spotted an awesome little treasure of a place to eat.  From the side of the road we could see a towering soda bottle jutting out of the ground like a space ship and a futuristic, colorful, angular building fronted …

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Jul 06

Bogart’s Smoke House: Big Barbeque in a Small Setting

Bogart's Smokehouse

As Karen and I toured through the Saint Louis area we decided to check out a barbeque place that we read online had some of the best BBQ in the area.  With a Zagat score of 29 out of 30 and a 90% or more ranking from various other online reviews we figured we were …

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Jun 27

Carl’s Drive In: The St. Louis Burger

Carl's Dive In Hamburger

Usually when Karen and I go on vacation we like to spend our money on the attractions and less on food, but on our most recent trip to Saint Louis we splurged a little on some restaurant experiences.  Karen’s sister and our brother-in-law are foodies and spent some time finding good restaurants for all of …

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May 13

Take-Away Donuts: MMMM Donuts!

Take Away Donuts

Karen and I took a last minute trip to New Orleans during my time off for spring break.  We thought of several different locations at first, but with our little girl who still struggles with longer rides in the car  itnkind of helped us make our decision to go someplace a little bit closer to …

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Dec 26

Via’s Pizzeria: Topeka pizza redefined

via's logo

Whenever Kenny and I travel we always make a point of finding a really good pizza restaurant.  We usually check the reviews online and make sure that it is going to be something special before we order our official pizza for the trip.  Whenever we are visiting Topeka we always get the rare opportunity of …

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Nov 23

Andy’s Frozen Custard- Springfield Missouri


One of our favorite things to do when we are in Springfield Missouri is to go to Andy’s Frozen Custard.  In the category of ice cream, custard, and yogurt Andy’s is probably the best that we have ever had.  In fact it is so good that when we were heading out of town the last …

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