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Dec 21

Baldwin Loop Trail: Sedona

The Baldwin Loop Trail is a classic Sedona hike with views of one of the more famous rock formations in the area.  For those into hiking it is a must do trail.  Highly ranked in most of the guide books.  Baldwin Loop Trail is an easy 3.3-mile hike that is mostly exposed to the sun.  …

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Dec 13

Fay Canyon Trail: Sedona

The Fay Canyon Trail offers something that many of the Sedona Hikes do not, shade.  Now shade is not something one would normally look for in hike.  Usually it is about the scenery, wildlife, payoff at the end something along those guidelines.   However, out in the Arizona sunshine having the chance to have the sun …

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Nov 12

Wupatki National Monument: Arizona


In the rain shadow of the San Francisco Peaks sits the wondrous Wupatki National Monument.  The 1500-year-old ruins of the Hisatsinom or ancient ones.  Incredibly preserved in the desert landscape a visit to the Wupatki ruins was like taking a step back in time.  Close to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument making a visit to …

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Nov 10

Slide Rock State Park: Revisit


Slide Rock State Park is a wonderful state park in Arizona.  Having a group of teenage boys (boys cross country team) with me on this trip I knew it would be a place they would enjoy.  First of all, it was a natural waterside and second a chance to jump off a small cliff.  Slight …

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Nov 05

West Fork of Oak Creek: Arizona


The West Fork of Oak Creek trail is one of the best day hikes in the state of Arizona and some say the country.  This was my second time down the trail and it still does not disappoint.  The canyon was just starting to light up with its fall colors so it was a great …

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Mar 02

West Fork Oak Creek Trail: Where Fall Colors Pop

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My wife and I were able to see a lot of wonderful things on our trip to Red Rock Country in Arizona, but by far the best part of it was a trip down West Fork Oak Creek Trail.  The trail is moderately difficult, it is 6 miles in length but the miles will go …

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Feb 27

Slide Rock State Park

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Slide Rock State Park is an extremely popular state park in the Red Rock Country of Arizona.  Luckily for us we were visiting in the fall during the middle of the week, and got to share this nice little park with just a handful of people.  Now a summertime visit would be fun because the …

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Feb 20

Gold King Mine

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Gold King Mine in Jerome, Arizona is a love or hate it kind of place to explore.  To the average visitor they might think it is just an old junk yard to a gear head or tinkerer Gold King Mine will be right up their ally.  The entrance to the “Ghost Town” is a gift …

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Feb 16

Montezuma Well: Red Rock Country

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Montezuma Well is natural limestone surrounded spring which has been used for irrigation for over 1,000 years.  It is unique environment where history and tranquility meet. The Sinagua cliff dwellings perch above the well gives a small glimpse of what life here was like in this southwest desert climate hundreds of years ago.A quick visit …

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Feb 11

Red Rock Crossing

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Red Rock Crossing is a must visit stop in the Sedona area of Arizona.  It provides beautiful views of the Cathedral Rock formation one of the most photographed areas in the southwest.  Depending on what guidebook/website you are using this area might also go by the name Crescent Moon Ranch, but the area is a …

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