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Jan 10

School or Education


As a public school teacher we are placed under a lot of pressure to provide an education for our students, and rightly so.  That is why I choose that career and have persevered doing it for over a decade.  Unfortunately it gets tougher every year to stay with it.  Do not get me wrong, I …

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Apr 11

Fighting the Wrong Fight: Why Common Core is not the Problem

no to common core

Certain groups in my state and other groups out there are fighting the fight to end Common Core.  For those that have not been paying much attention to the changes in education, Common Core is a new set of standards trying to establish a common curriculum across the states.  Theoretically if a student from Georgia …

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Feb 19

Standardized Test: Teaching or Testing that is the Question


via So, just taking a little break from getting an end of the year test study guide done for my students, and as I was working on it and it kept getting longer and longer I started to think about all the days wasted in the school year prepping for this end-all be-all standardized test.  …

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Dec 13

Education…What Education?

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I love teaching and for the most part I believe my students enjoy my class which is saying something considering I teach history.  History is one of those fickle subjects where one student can sit there and say out loud ‘that is the most interesting thing that I have ever learned’ while the student right …

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Dec 10

Monday Musing: Wasting Valuable Class Time

Wasting Time

One of the fun things that I still get to do as a public school teacher is have thought provoking discussion.  You might be reading this and think to yourself shouldn’t that be happening every day? Well in a perfect world and one that does not revolve around standardized testing yes, but when my job …

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Dec 03

Monday Musing: Christmas in Schools


As a school teacher I get to see the changes first hand in the educational process.  I then compare it to my own educational experience I had as a child.  While there have been some good changes like the use of technology in the classroom and not so good changes like the number of state …

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Aug 20

Monday Musing: Home School or Not to Home School that is the Question

computer school

Do we home school or not home school, that is the question that we have been struggling with lately.  Karen and I have had some strong discussion on just what we are going to do with our child’s and future children’s education.  Do we break the bank and put them in private schools, roll the dice …

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Jul 23

Monday Musing: Start of a New School Year

Back to School

Well, it was nice while it lasted, but my summer will soon be over as I will be heading back to work for the new school year.  Yes, that is right school starts tomorrow for me.  Why so soon you might ask?  To make a long story short I work at an “all year school” …

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May 21

Monday Musing: Best Part of My Job


Being a teacher is not easy.  Now before you get all upset and start thinking about having summers off and all the breaks during the year or maybe you have had an experience where you go up to school to talk about your child and the teacher has already left even though they are still …

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May 14

Monday Musing: Big Changes Ahead

Teacher Layoff

It is ironic how things turn out.  What I mean by that is that is when one thing is going well then another aspect of life seems to be going down the tubes.  Does that happen to anyone else or is it just me? The last couple of weeks at school we found out from the …

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