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Dec 01

A Good Day

My favorite moment in twelve years as a coach did not happen on a field.  It took place on a cold fall morning as I got to experience sunrise at the Grand Canyon with nine of my athletes.  The collective gasp and silence from a group of guys, known to talk nonstop, as they soaked …

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Aug 23

Update: It was a very good day


It ended up being a very good day for my first cross country meet as a high school head coach. Not to get into too many details, but 6 out of my 7 varsity guys medaled on their way to winning our first cross country meet of the season. For most of them it was …

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Aug 20

Tomorrow is a Big Day


Tomorrow is a big day for me because that is the day I get to lead my first varsity high school team into action.  I have been a coach now going on a decade mostly at the middle school level and last year as an assistant/freshman coach.  While all of those things were great experience …

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Oct 22

Monday Musing: Determination


Monday Musing – Determination I got to see a wonderful example of determination and the will to beat the odds last Friday during my teams last cross country meet. The meet was the 6A Junior High State Meet and it was the last chance for my guys to prove that they had what it took. …

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Aug 06

Monday Musing: NBC Tape Delay Leads to the Goosebumps Going Away

NBC Tape-Delay

Why oh why is NBC’s Olympic coverage just like it was when they first started airing it in the1980s.  I have had to try to limit all internet access during this Olympic season just to have the chance at being surprised as I wait until NBC will finally air the event.  It is not just my internet use …

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Jun 25

Monday Musing: Olympic Fever


I catch it every four years and I am sure you probably catch it to.  It is Olympic Fever.  Symptoms are that your heart, mind, and soul are captivated by sporting events you give little thought about except for two months out of every four years.  Seriously, next summer a friend or relative calls you up …

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Mar 05

Monday Musing: A Wonderful Time of the Year

March Madness

March has always been one of my favorite months of the year.  Spring starts to thaw out winter which this year in the states has not been much of a winter.  The weather is getting warmer the trees are starting to bud, but the grass is not quite growing fast enough that I have to …

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Feb 13

Monday Musing: Running Gives Me Time…

Night Running

A while back in a previous musing I signed myself up for my annual punishment of running a half-marathon.  Over the last seven years I have tried to run it and some years I am successful other years sickness or injury takes its toll and things to do not go as planned.  While running the …

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Jan 09

Monday Musing: What is wrong with winning?

Upset Kid

There has just been something that has been eating on my brain for a while now and it really hit home when I was reading a news article about the Woodbrook Elementary School 3rd grade who created a song “Part of the 99” song.  If you do not know about the controversy according to the …

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Jan 02

Monday Musing: A glutton for punishment


So, my wife gets a text last night from my mom that yesterday was the last day for a discount on entering The Oklahoma City Memorial Half-Marathon and my Mom and I try to do it every year, but this year I was having second thoughts about it.  With a baby on the way Karen …

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