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Jul 22

Monday Musing: Living in a Fantasy World

fantasy vs reality

via Is it just me or are we starting to believe that we are living in fantasy world?  It has been going on for a while, but it seems even if reality smacks us in the face we just look around say everything is fine and go back to what we were doing.  Even if …

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Jul 08

Monday Musing: Food for Thought

food for thought

Monday Musing: Food for Thought So just the other day as I was wasting a few moments surfing the internet trying to keep up with the day’s headlines (which seems to be a lesson in futility) at best I came across an article that said over 100 million people are now getting food aid from …

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Dec 31

Monday Musing: The Key to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

Jan 1st

I personally am not one to make a new year’s resolution.  Been there done that too many times and like the majority of the people out there, failed at it.  I choose to instead focus on what happened over the year, what went well, what didn’t, and go from there.  I wrote earlier about my …

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Dec 03

Monday Musing: Christmas in Schools


As a school teacher I get to see the changes first hand in the educational process.  I then compare it to my own educational experience I had as a child.  While there have been some good changes like the use of technology in the classroom and not so good changes like the number of state …

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Nov 26

Monday Musing: Christmas Time is Here Again

American Christmas

Christmas time, oh that magical time of year when millions of people wait for the sale items and buy things for themselves.  Wait that just does not sound right something is missing from that equation.  Umm…  There has to be something else going on …oh that is right the time period when atheist groups draw …

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Sep 17

Monday Musing: The Power of Friends


It is a amazing just how much I get caught up in everyday things- work, family, and all the other stuff that just takes up parts of my life that I lose sight of staying in touch with my old friends.  The reason that I am musing about this is that over the weekend my …

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Sep 10

Monday Musing: Swag?!?!?

soap box

Call me an old fuddy-duddy but since the start of the school year there has been one word that is about to drive me up the wall and that word is “swag.” For example, student A says to student B “I am going to the mall this weekend to get my swag on.” It just …

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Apr 30

Monday Musing: Lack of Personal Responsibility

Blaming Others

Working in a school it is amazing the amount of time students take up trying to negotiate with an adult on just about everything.  Usually it is work related, but every now and again it deals with behavior issues.  How I teach and the way I work to treat all my students fairly and the …

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Apr 23

Monday Musing: The Boob Tube


Karen and I have periodically gone for weeks making sure we turn the television aka the boob tube off for an hour every night.  During those times we become more productive, talk more, really hang out, and just have an overall better quality of life throughout that time period.  Unfortunately, before we realize it something will be on …

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Apr 16

Monday Musing: Is it just me or do we need some help


Is it just me or do we need some help out there? The other day in school I saw a student walking down the hall going to class when they slipped and fell after stepping on one of their untied shoelaces.  So, what do you think happened next?  If you guessed that I was the …

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