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Sep 09

Monday Musing: Will the People with Principals Please Stand Up

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

I love how politics make hypocrites out of most people because it really gives you a sense of who is made out of strong moral fiber and those that are just blind shills of their political affiliation, but will the people with principles please stand up.  I’m sure there are some out there, but it …

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Jul 08

Monday Musing: Food for Thought

food for thought

Monday Musing: Food for Thought So just the other day as I was wasting a few moments surfing the internet trying to keep up with the day’s headlines (which seems to be a lesson in futility) at best I came across an article that said over 100 million people are now getting food aid from …

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Nov 12

Monday Musing: Wow was I ever wrong last Week

Being Wrong

I hate to admit it, but I will when I am, and boy howdy was I ever wrong on my electoral map projection that I wrote about in last week’s Monday Musing.  I knew that it was going to be a close election but going in I was pretty sure Governor Romney was going to …

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Nov 05

Monday Musing: Bold Prediction 2012 Election

2012 Election Map Prediction

Thank the maker it is almost over.  All the hub-bub is almost over and people hopefully can go back to being at least a little bit cordial to each other.  I understand why this election might be one of the most important in recent history with over 16 trillion dollars of debt and raising faster …

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Aug 27

Monday Musing- Unleash the Markets

Free Markets

I just got an interesting book from the library the other day and I am about halfway through it and it has really got me thinking about just what would happen if America would let the free market decide. The book that got me thinking about it is John Stossel’s No They Can’t: Why Government …

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Aug 13

Monday Musing: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Political Parties

Well, all the chess pieces are on the board there is no late game changers left we now have the two tickets in what could be the most important election since Abraham Lincoln. So let’s get ready to rumble.  I think we are in for some exciting times in determining what direction the United States is headed …

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Feb 27

Monday Musing: If I was president I would…

White House

Teaching my class can get downright interesting at times, of course that usually happens when we get off task and talk about real life issues and/or current events.  Knowing that I have a test coming at the end of the year that will determine how well I taught that year no matter if a student …

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Feb 20

Monday Musing: What happened to Washington’s Birthday?

George Washington

Today is President’s Day, at least that is what my calendar says, but is it? It has to be, I mean all last week all I heard on the radio or saw on commercials were all the discounts and slashing of prices that were going to happen on President’s Day.  So, today is President’s Day …

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Dec 05

Monday Musing: Need to Drop the C in BCS

BCS Football

From the first day that I have started this blog I have tried to steer the conversation away from sports or at least sports that Karen and I have not seen first-hand, but after yesterday’s BCS selection I need to get some things off my chest.  First of all I want to say that I am …

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