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Sep 09

Monday Musing: Will the People with Principals Please Stand Up

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

I love how politics make hypocrites out of most people because it really gives you a sense of who is made out of strong moral fiber and those that are just blind shills of their political affiliation, but will the people with principles please stand up.  I’m sure there are some out there, but it …

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Aug 19

Monday Musing: Fantasy Football oh How I Loathe You

fantasy football

Every fall I have this great debate on whether or not to play fantasy football and every year after having that debate I end up playing.  Now for those that do not spend their Sundays pouring over the latest yards, receptions, and touchdowns just enjoy the games every weekend and do not get sucked in …

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Jul 22

Monday Musing: Living in a Fantasy World

fantasy vs reality

via Is it just me or are we starting to believe that we are living in fantasy world?  It has been going on for a while, but it seems even if reality smacks us in the face we just look around say everything is fine and go back to what we were doing.  Even if …

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Jul 08

Monday Musing: Food for Thought

food for thought

Monday Musing: Food for Thought So just the other day as I was wasting a few moments surfing the internet trying to keep up with the day’s headlines (which seems to be a lesson in futility) at best I came across an article that said over 100 million people are now getting food aid from …

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Mar 18

Monday Musing: The Madness of March

2013 bracket

I love college basketball, yeah I know the product on the court has been lacking the last couple of years due to the fact that the game is over officiated, over coached, and offenses have delved deeper into a motion system thanks in no small part to the many travel teams and AAU ball the …

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Feb 25

Monday Musing: Get on the MLS Bandwagon

Seattle Sounders

As I was driving home today from work I was listening to the local sports-talk radio and they were talking about the usual stuff, the local college teams, some professional sports, and the upcoming draft.  All good stuff then as they were pulling into commercial he was telling his producer to turn the channel from …

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Feb 11

Monday Musing: St. Valentine’s Day Quiz


February has long been known as the month of romance, but why? We all know we are supposed to go out and make Valentine’s Day a special day for our significant other, but who was this Saint Valentine and why does his day mean I should go out and buy flowers, cards, jewelry, or depending …

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Feb 04

Monday Musing: The Price of DIY


Karen and I are amateur DIY people basically because we cannot afford for anybody else to do it.  Luckily for us we have Karen’s Dad who handles any major electrical issues, helps figure out any remodeling conundrums we might have, and has about any tool that we might need to get the job done with …

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Jan 28

Monday Musing: Feeling Powerless


There are a few feelings in my life that just strike fear into my heart.  One of the main things is the feeling of being powerless.  Luckily for me that feeling does not happen very often.  As a teacher I get it once a year during the testing season when I am powerless as to how …

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Jan 21

Monday Musing: A Good Time for a Sports Fan from Kansas


Growing up in The Land of Oz in the 80’s and 90’s there were a few opportunities to shoot from the roof tops about the prowess of the local sports teams.  I was too young to remember the Royals run in the early to mid-80s, I barely remember when KU won the national championship in …

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