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Aug 09

Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center – Superior Wisconsin

It is amazing what a person can find if they are just aware enough to look.  That is pretty much how I came across the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center.  As I was heading back from seeing some fabulous Wisconsin Waterfalls I noticed out my side window a pretty interesting military museum.  Made a …

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May 22

Texas Military Forces Museum – Austin

The Texas Military Forces Museum is a hidden gem.  Free! Can’t beat that.  So off to a good start there.  However, the number of artifacts, military vehicles, and dioramas was incredible.  The Texas Military Forces Museum made this history buff extremely happy. Located at Camp Mabry an active military base. Meaning that upon entering we …

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Mar 26

Stafford Air and Space Museum: Oklahoma

Not all great museums are found in large cities.  The Stafford Air and Space Museum located in the small town of Weatherford is a fine example of great things coming from small places.  A world class museum that is reasonably priced.  Making the Stafford Air and Space Museum a must see when traveling down I40 …

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Jan 15

Museum of the Kansas National Guard


The Museum of Kansas National Guard in Topeka, Kansas came on our radar as we were looking for free attractions to see while visiting my parents.  On a fixed teacher’s salary, we are always on the lookout for free.  We usually end up at some nice places.  If not, we can’t really complain because it …

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May 05

Fort Negley: Bastion of Nashville


Fort Negley is a nice stop to escape the car.  Free, nice path to stretch the legs on, a little Civil War history, and an informative visitor center.  Not the greatest attraction in Nashville. However, if you are in a pinch to get the kids out and about Fort Negley will get the job done. …

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Oct 18

Pea Ridge National Military Park


Pea Ridge National Military Park preserves one of the more important battle sites of the Civil War.  The ground there decided the fate of Missouri and set the stage for the Union to conquer the Confederate land west of the Mississippi.  While not as famous as the battles that came later and farther to the …

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Sep 22

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Angel Fire


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire is a wonderful memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and their country.  It started out as a way for the Westphall family to honor their son and the 15 men that died with him in South Vietnam on May 22, 1968 and has turned into …

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Jul 21

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum


Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is an aviation museum dedicated to the brave men and women who served during World War II especially those that served from the Pueblo Army Air Base.  It is a static aircraft museum with nearly 30 airplanes on display from early 20th century prop planes to jets.  The Pueblo Aircraft Museum …

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Dec 19

Fort Verde State Historic Park

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Fort Verde State Historic Park is an excellent place to see to get a feel for the life of a frontier soldier.  Arizona has a very rich history and Fort Verde State Historic Park is a great example of a fort that served during the Indian Wars.  This particular fort served as a base for …

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Jun 26

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum: A Tribute to the Fallen

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

The Soldiers Memorial Military Museum was created to help remind us all that those who have made the supreme sacrifice have enabled America to live and it is our duty to not let their sacrifice go in vain and make America better.  The Soldiers Memorial Military Museum is a moving tribute to the fallen with …

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