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Apr 19

Teaching Tip: Gain Respect

Respect pinned on noticeboard

Every teacher needs to be respected in their classroom, and in this day in age it just does not come with the territory.  The day and age of children respecting their elders has come and gone.  There are still some out there that respect those in authority positions, but as parents have turned into friends, …

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Mar 22

Teaching Tip: Use Movies the Right Way

movies classroom

Some children today seem to have a very tough time visualizing the story in their mind.  I do not know if that is because so many of them have since a very young age have had a television/computer screen do it for them or if as a society we are losing our imagination, but if …

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Feb 22

Teaching Tip: Motivate


I think one of the main things that separate bad teachers from good, and good teachers from the great ones is how motivated their students are.  Being a relatively young teacher, having only stepped into the classroom for the first time in the fall of 2002 as a classroom tutor for an inner city school …

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Jan 18

Teaching Tip: Use Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Like a lot of teachers out there I have difficulty getting students to remember the material that we have gone over.  I use a variety of techniques and go over the material in a variety of ways, but some of my students just never get to the point where they own it.  This is understandable …

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