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Apr 04

What Makes Our Marriage Work: Count Your Blessings


It seems like in the day to day normal life of marriage it’s easy to get in a bit of a rut or get bogged down with the stresses of life.  One of the things that helps us keep things in perspective is to count our blessings.  Instead of dwelling on ‘oh, she forgot to …

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Feb 12

What’s Your Love Language?


Since the month of love is upon us I thought it would be fun to take some ‘love’ quizzes with Kenny.  One of the first ones that came to mind was to find out if we share the same love language.  In case you haven’t heard of this, the five love languages is a book …

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Apr 11

What Makes Our Marriage Work: take an interest in your spouses interests


A great way to keep your marriage strong is to take an interest in things that your spouse enjoys.  You don’t have to pretend to enjoy them too, but at least give them a try.  You never know, you might enjoy them too. Want to know a secret?  I had never even seen a soccer …

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Apr 06

What Makes Our Marriage Work – do some work together


This may not be a good tip for everyone, but sometimes rolling up our sleeves and doing some hard work together is just what the doctor ordered for our relationship.  Sure it can be tiring and can sometimes make you a little short with each other, but it also forces you to work together and …

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Feb 27

What Makes Our Marriage Work – a few minutes to connect

two ships

Whew!  Who knew that being full time parents and full time employees and coaches and bloggers and home remodelers would take so much time!? I guess we should have seen it coming when we tried to commit to so many different endeavors but they all just have a way of slurping up your time.  Sometimes …

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Feb 02

What Makes our Marriage Work – a kind word

be kind

I read a great suggestion the other day and have really been trying to take it to heart, ‘Talk to your spouse more kindly than you talk to anyone else in the world’. Have you ever heard that song “you always hurt the ones you love”?  It seems like all too often we speak the …

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Jan 03

What makes our Marriage Work – give ’em a break


We have enjoyed spending time with my family over New Years as our Christmas celebration.  My sister Julie and her husband Neil came into town and we all got together to celebrate.  Neil is not only our brother-in-law but he is Kenny’s best friend from college.  We are so blessed to have our best friends …

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Dec 15

What makes our Marriage Work – In Sickness and In Health


One important part of a lot of marriage vows are the words “in sickness and in health”.  It’s easy to say those words and not even really think about what they mean, until a couple weeks later when your new bride comes down with altitude sickness complete with a horrible headache and all the nausea …

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Nov 28

What Makes Our Marriage Work – Complimentary


Sometimes life gets so busy, you’re busy at work, busy at home, busy taking care of the children, tired, it sometimes gets hard to remember to take a moment to say what you admire about your spouse.  I know I think wonderful things about Kenny in my head all the time.  It seems like I …

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Apr 14

What makes our marriage work – appreciate your spouse

love letter

One of the best ways to keep the love going strong in your marriage is to truly appreciate your spouse.  I can honestly say that Kenny makes it really easy to appreciate him.  I have never seen a truer example of a servants heart than since I’ve become pregnant.  Kenny has always gone out of …

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