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Oct 24

Mammoth Terraces: Always Changing Always Worth a Visit

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Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces is one of the main attractions to see in Yellowstone National Park.  Along with Upper and Lower Falls, the wildlife, and of course Old Faithful making a trip to the Mammoth Terraces is a must do whenever you are in the park.  This geothermal area of the park is a little …

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Aug 04

Number 7: Mammoth Hot Springs – Yellowstone

Mammoth Hot Springs

Number 7 is a photograph of Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces in Yellostone National Park.  The terraces were formed when the heated water from the Morris-Mammoth fault bubbles up to the service where carbonate and calcium combine to make travertine. The terraces are constantly changing because the spring can go dormant for years before they start …

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