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May 24

Wood Floors for the Great Room


Connecting our back two bedrooms to our kitchen with actual flooring instead of concrete foundation has been high on our to-do list for a long time.  Finally, we were able to get it accomplished.  What we find so taxing on our DIY projects is the fact that we are living in the space that we …

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May 05

Laying Wood Floors in the Hallway

What not to do

Karen and I have laid our copper maple wood floors in both of the back bedrooms and before McKenna (our baby girl) gets here we wanted to get the flooring done in half our house.  To get to that point we needed to connect our kitchen tile to our two bedrooms in the back of …

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Jan 05

Third Bedroom- Laying the Wood Floors

Finally Finished

When Karen and I were deciding on what type of flooring we wanted to put in the house we had a plenty long debate on what we would be best.  At first, Karen wanted to put in carpet just because it is soft, pretty easy to cleanup, and it is a lot less to worry …

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