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Oct 28

Jackin Up our Countertops


Karen and I have decided to make the big splurge and update our kitchen countertops.  We had several other cleanup projects to do, and when we learned that we could save $250 by removing our old countertops ourselves we rented a dumpster.  Now I am all for demolition, I usually have the problem of finishing …

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Jun 10

Shopping for some granite

Typhoon Bordeaux

Kenny is FINALLY off school for his summer vacation (well except for when he has practice for cross country or soccer) so that is freeing up more of his time to focus on some home renovations.  He has been going strong everyday getting one project after another tackled.  We also have our contractors hard at …

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Jan 28

Kitchen Remodel- Finishing the Stone Tile

Finished Travertine Floor

After laying all the tile which you can read about by clicking here or check out all the things that Karen and I have done to the house by clicking on our list tab and scroll down to the remodeling section.  We were ready to finish the floor by putting in the grout lines.  Karen …

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Jan 21

Kitchen Remodel- Laying the Stone Tile

Laying Tile

Once Karen and I had the cement slab of our kitchen cleaned, cleared, and leveled we were ready to move on to laying down the stone tile.  The stone tile that we picked was an eighteen inch square travertine tile that we got from a local tile store.  We ended up deciding on going with the eighteen …

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Jan 11

Kitchen Remodel- Prepping the Floor

Removing the Old Tile

Working on the kitchen to bring it into the 21st century has been a little bit more taxing then we wanted it to be.  Trying to remodel a kitchen on a budget while making it look elegant has been a bit of a challenge but by the time it is all said and done I …

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Jun 19

Kitchen Remodel: Part 2


Our second step to our kitchen remodel was to give the pantry a makeover.  The inside of the pantry was painted the same dull soft beige as the rest of the cabinets.  The pantry also came complete with 1970’s contact paper that had an orange and green floral pattern.  Of course, all of those things had to …

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Jun 15

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

Almost Finished

One of the first things we wanted to do was fix up our outdated kitchen.  So after moving in we got started right away on our remodeling our Kitchen.   Karen and I had already taken down all of the wall paper and leveled out and textured the wall before we ever thought about documenting what we were doing.  …

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