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Jul 07

Reiman Gardens – Ames, Iowa

We have been to many gardens but never a university garden.  The Iowa State University garden or Reiman Gardens was a fun little excursion for me.  I have been on several daddy-daughter outings with my girls and several solo expeditions with my eldest.  She is now calling our dynamic duo the Adventures of Dirt Girl …

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Jul 05

Decorah Fish Hatchery – Iowa

Decorah is a little out of the way town in northeastern Iowa.  It is home to Dunnings Spring, an ice cave, and the Decorah Fish Hatchery.  It had that small town big heart feel to it.  Not exactly along our path to our destination while getting there we were like why did we detour off …

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Jun 30

Dunnings Spring – Decorah Iowa

Dunnings Spring, Iowa’s most breathtaking waterfall.  Located in the small town of Docorah in the northeastern part of the state. A bit out of the way from the interstate but worth it.  Dunning Spring is a cascading waterfall that drops 200-feet over its course.  With the main part of the falls dropping 40 feet. It …

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Jun 29

Pappajohn Sculpture Park – Des Moines

Home to towering works of art.  The Pappajohn Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines was an interesting and fun visit for my family.  Around four and half acres to roam around in and over 2 dozen works of art by different artists.  It was the perfect blend of something unique for my girls to see …

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Dec 27

Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge – Iowa

Tallgrass Prairie

A really interesting place to learn about the prairie is at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge just east of Des Moines.  While this is not the biggest Wildlife Refuge that Karen or I have ever been to they do have a state of the art learning center that explains what the prairie was and how …

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Dec 15

Bridges of Madison County – Iowa

Cedar Bridge Framed

I have been trying to get Karen to see the covered bridges of Madison County in Iowa for a few years now, and she finally agreed to go over our Thanksgiving weekend.  The reason that I wanted her to see the bridges was two-fold, I like the history of buildings, all of them originally built …

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Dec 11

Blank Park Zoo – Des Moines

River Otter

The Blank Park Zoo is a wonderful small town zoo.  Karen and I were able to visit this zoo over our Thanksgiving break and had a great time visiting.  We both walked away very impressed with the amount and type of exhibits that they had on display.  Even though part of the zoo was closed …

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