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Sep 04

Upper Falls: Yellowstone National Park


Upper Falls is one of two major waterfalls on the Yellowstone River.  Not as tall or spectacular as Lower Falls.  However, that is like saying the first time you saw rainbow is not as awe inspiring as the next.  Still an incredible sight after any storm.  Just like Upper Falls will always be a beautiful …

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Aug 25

Brink of Lower Falls Trail: Yellowstone National Park


Water is a powerful force.  There is no better place in Yellowstone National Park to see mother nature’s power in action than at the overlook on the Brink of Lower Falls Trail.  Feeling the energy.  Peering over the ledge see the raging river plunge hundreds of feet to the canyon below.  It is a pretty …

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Sep 30

Trout Lake: Second Time Just as Good As the First

Trout Lake Reflection

Trout Lake is a great short hike in the Lamar Valley area of Yellowstone National Park.  In both of our visits to Yellowstone Karen and I have made it a point to hike the trail to Trout Lake.  We have heard it is a great location to see wildlife but unfortunately on both of hikes …

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Sep 19

Hellroaring Creek Trail: Nice Going Down but Hellroaring Coming Back

Suspension Bridge

Hellroaring Creek Trail is not the most scenic of hikes in Yellowstone National Park, but it does offer something the other trails can’t which is the chance to walk across a suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River.  Hellroaring Creek Trailhead is in the Northeastern section of the park and a little difficult to find because …

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