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Sep 14

Fountain Paint Pot: Yellowstone National Park


Visiting Yellowstone National Park is an otherworldly experience.  Hiking the boardwalk trail at Fountain Paint Pot brings that notion to life.  The bubbling mud pots, the vivid oranges, browns, and blues of the hot springs, geysers shooting water in the air and the fumaroles make the Fountain Paint Pot a fun little hike. One of …

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Sep 05

Mud Volcano: Yellowstone National Park


Ooooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell, Oooh that smell.  I don’t think the band Lynyrd Skynyrd had the Mud Volcano area of Yellowstone National Park in mind when they came up with those lyrics.  Though they could have.  It certainly fits the area.  The rotten egg smell that permeates from Mud Volcano is …

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Sep 04

Upper Falls: Yellowstone National Park


Upper Falls is one of two major waterfalls on the Yellowstone River.  Not as tall or spectacular as Lower Falls.  However, that is like saying the first time you saw rainbow is not as awe inspiring as the next.  Still an incredible sight after any storm.  Just like Upper Falls will always be a beautiful …

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Aug 25

Brink of Lower Falls Trail: Yellowstone National Park


Water is a powerful force.  There is no better place in Yellowstone National Park to see mother nature’s power in action than at the overlook on the Brink of Lower Falls Trail.  Feeling the energy.  Peering over the ledge see the raging river plunge hundreds of feet to the canyon below.  It is a pretty …

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Aug 24

Pelican Creek Nature Trail: Yellowstone National Park


Pelican Creek Nature Trail is a great all-inclusive family hike.  Not too long for the little ones at just 1-mile roundtrip.  However, it will feel much longer than that because it has so much to see.  The Pelican Nature Trail passes through forest, a boardwalk over the wetland habitat of Pelican Creek and has wonderful …

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Aug 22

Upper Geyser Basin: Yellowstone National Park


“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES… Upper Geyser Basin! It’s a make-believe world, but it is very real world too.” I know, I know, taking lines from the circus, but words cannot really describe the magic that is Yellowstone National Park.  The Upper Geyser Basin is just a part of the unbelievable that awaits …

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Aug 09

Norris Geyser Basin: Yellowstone National Park


Norris Geyser Basin is Yellowstone’s hottest most volatile geyser basin.  For that it is one of the most popular in the park.  It is home to Steamboat Geyser the world’s tallest geyser.  Dozens of thermal features that are constantly changing due to the fact it is one of the most earthquake prone areas in the …

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Aug 04

Midway Geyser Basin: Yellowstone National Park


The Midway Geyser Basin may be small but it is mighty.  Home to two of the largest geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park.  The crater of Excelsior Geyser formerly the largest geyser on the planet.  The Midway Geyser Basin also houses one of the must see attractions in Grand Prismatic Spring.  Grand Prismatic is a …

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Aug 03

Wraith Falls: Yellowstone National Park


Wraith Falls is not going to win any waterfall awards.  It is neither the biggest or boldest in the park.  However, what Wraith Falls does is make a drive by and see the sights vacation to let’s get out of the car and see some nature.  It is a short, all age hike, with a …

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Jul 31

Sheepeater Cliff: Yellowstone National Park


Sheepeater Cliff is our go to picnic site when we are in the Mammoth Hot Springs area.  Just south of Swan Lake Flats is the turnoff to Sheepeater Cliff there will be a sign with a picnic table on it.  We enjoy the place because of the pikas and marmots that frequent the area….PUBLIC SERVICE …

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