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Jun 01

Top 10 Snorkel Beaches on Hawaii: Big Island Edition


As the Great Plains heat up my mind starts to drift to the ocean and how we wish we were there.  One of our favorite vacations of all time was a 10 day stay to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Not as crowded as Oahu or Maui and just as beautiful.  In our minds the …

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Aug 09

Top Ten Things to do on Kauai


Kauai is the known as Hawaii’s Garden Isle, and Karen and I plan on visiting sometime in the distant future.  We hope we can make it there in the next couple of years, but that does not keep us from doing some research and dreaming about going.  I think Kauai has a lot to offer …

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Aug 01

Top Ten Things to do on Maui

Makahiku Falls

Maui was our destination the last time that we traveled to Hawaii.  Karen and I had already been to Oahu and the Big Island, so Maui was the next logical destination.  I am sure glad that we got to go because Maui had beautiful beaches, excellent snorkel spots, and plenty of other beautiful things to …

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Jul 25

Top Ten Things to do on the Big Island

Green Sea Turtle

Out of all of the Hawaiian Islands that we have been to the Island of Hawaii aka the Big Island is my personal favorite.  I keep joking with Karen that I want to move there, and if we had the money or a job lined up I am sure it would be more than a …

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Jul 18

Top Ten things to do on Oahu


Karen and I have been to three different Hawaiian Islands and they all have a special place in our hearts.  If we are ever able to retire we would live there for at least a few years.  The Hawaiian Islands are our definition of paradise.  Oahu was our first trip together and at that point …

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Mar 03

World Botanical Gardens & Waterfalls – Big Island

Umauma Falls close up

A long time ago, in a life that gets farther away each year, I worked at a plant nursery during the summer months when I was in college. The pay was very good and overall it was a pretty decent job, but by the time I was out of college I never wanted to own …

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Feb 04

Nakalele Blowhole- Maui

Maui Coastline

Nakalele Blowhole is a unique feature of West Maui and is worth the drive and short hike to see.  If you have ever been to Yellowstone and seen a geyser go off then this will be very familiar to you except unlike a geyser which is created by heat the Nakalele Blowhole is solely powered …

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Jan 27

Kilauea Iki Trail – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

In the Crater

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is very unique place considering that it is the home of two active volcanoes.  Kilauea which is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, unfortunately the lava flow was underground while we were there.  It changes from time to time and sometimes it is flowing into the sea, which …

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Jan 13

Palauea Beach Park- Maui


Palauea Beach is a wonderful snorkeling area that is primitive and not as pretty to look at as the well manicured resort beaches, but when I think of a Native Hawaiian beach this is what I picture in my mind’s eye.  The beach runs for about 500 feet, but there are absolutely no amenities which …

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Jan 04

Whalers Village Museum- Maui

Whalers Tools

The Whalers Village Museum is a small museum located in Whalers Village Mall.  If you are in to shopping you will like this area because they have a variety of shops.  Karen and I didn’t buy anything here because it was a little rich for our blood, for example one of the candles we really …

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