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Jan 28

Pinterest Project: Mamma’s got a brand new tub


It had been a while since I had deep cleaned our bathtub and it was looking a little worse for the wear.  So, a few days ago while I was browsing Pinterest and ran across a ‘scrub free’ bathtub cleaner I was pumped to give it a try! via An added perk was the fact …

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Jun 12

Guest Bathroom Remodel: Part 2

Karen remodeling guest bathroom

After getting all the prep work done we were ready for our next step to our Guest Bathroom Remodel which was installing the tile.  Karen and I have never laid any tile so being novice tile layers we were feeling a little intimidated, but we forged ahead.  We did our research, read some books, watched some videos, …

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Jun 11

Guest Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

Karen fixing the wall

Guest bathroom renovation Part One The picture above is how the guest bathroom looked the day Karen purchased her home.  I say Karen and not our home, because at this point we had not met each other yet.  The guest bathroom was decorated in navy blue and chrome silver wall paper, yellowish green tile, and …

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