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Apr 04

Great Room: Redoing the Entry Way

Laying the Tile

Karen and I have been slowly making our great room great.  For a little over a year we have had half of it done, but along came our first child and progress had slowed to a halt.  About two months ago we got back to work on it because before too long our little baby …

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Jan 31

Making a Great Room: Progress at Last

Texturing the Walls

We are still trucking along in an effort to complete our great room.  We resurfaced the fireplace, knocked down a wall separating our two living rooms, laid wood floors in half the den and have really been working hard.  Somehow in the midst of being pregnant and having a new baby things seemed to slow …

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Mar 28

Making a Great Room- Resurfacing the Fireplace Part 2

Around the Fireplace

Good news and bad news the good news is that the fireplace is almost finished the bad news is that it took is a few more days than we thought it was going to.  In my defense, I think I would have been able to get it done a few days faster if KU would …

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Mar 14

Making a Great Room – Resurfacing the Fireplace Part 1

Orginal Fireplace

Karen and I are trying to make our home feel as inviting and warm as it can be.  One of the major things that just seemed not to fit in our great room anymore is the pinks and blues of our brick fireplace.  Now we love how the brick looks on the outside of our …

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Feb 24

Future Projects- Resurfacing the Fireplace

Mesa Gray

Karen bought a fixer-upper house before we ever met, and now over the last several years we have been working at a snail’s pace to make it into a home that we can be proud of.  The planning phases of our projects tend to go relatively quick the problem that we tend to have is …

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Sep 16

Creating a Great Room: part III


This is part three of our adventure in creating a great room out of our two separate living rooms. To see part one of creating a great room, click here, to see part two click here. We had accomplished our goal of an arched opening between our two living rooms at the end of part two …

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Sep 01

Creating a Great Room: Part II


This is part two of our adventure in creating a great room out of our two separate living rooms.  To see part one of creating a great room, click here. The next thing we needed to do, now that we had removed the sheetrock and were down to the studs was build some sort of …

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Aug 26

Creating a Great Room: Part I


Our house, like so many lovely mid century ranch homes, came equipped with a standard living room (some people would call it a den) as well as a formal living room.  They were two separate rooms and somehow we seemed to only ever make use of the den.  Open floor plans are all the rage …

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