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Jul 29

Grand Teton National Park: US 191 Overlooks


My humble words in no way can describe the beauty that is Grand Teton National Park.  Inside and outside the park is just wonderful to experience.  If you have never been, put it on your bucket list.  Below is just some of the less spectacular views from US 191 overlooks.  I say less spectacular to …

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Jul 24

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve: GTNP


Laurance S. Rockefeller offers a bit of serenity to a crowded National Park experience.  It is a little off the beaten path on the Moose-Wilson Road.  Plus, the fact that the parking lot has a limited number of car spots.  Those two things make for an inviting day of finding a little bit of space …

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Jul 22

Jenny Lake Shuttle: Grand Teton National Park


Jenny Lake Shuttle is a time, leg, and back saver.  While not losing any of the scenic value of spending time in the Jenny Lake area of Grant Teton National Park.  The views from the water are spectacular.  It cuts off nearly 5 miles (roundtrip) from the hike to Hidden Falls.  For me the time …

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Jul 17

String Lake Trail: Grand Teton National Park


The String Lake Trail is a good trek to take in the land of abundant views.  Honestly, a person really cannot go wrong in whatever they choose to do in Grand Teton National Park. Where to go. That is the hard part.  Luckily just about everything in the park ranks from jaw dropping to eye …

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Jul 15

Colter Bay: Grand Teton National Park


Colter Bay is scenic bliss.  Out of the unlimited amount of spots to take in the postcard worthy Teton Mountains Colter Bay is my favorite.  But there is a caveat.  Early morning is a must.  Not to get that first “photographers” light purple haze… water reflected… this is going on the wall photo you will …

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Oct 22

Chapel of the Sacred Heart: A Peaceful Respite

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Chapel of the Sacred Heart is a small church located in Grand Teton National Park.  Built in 1937 this small log church sits with a commanding view of Jackson Lake along the Teton Park Road, and it is a welcoming place for prayer, mediation, or just visiting a historic building.  If you feel led during …

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Sep 21

3 Day Guide to Grand Teton National Park

Lake View of the Tetons

Grand Teton National Park is a wonderful place to spend a few days, especially if you are on your way going to or coming from Yellowstone National Park.  It can also be a destination all by itself, but I think a lot of times it is overlooked by most visitors on their way to Yellowstone.  …

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Sep 20

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center: A Great Place to Start


via One of the first places any national park visitor should go is the visitor center.  It is a great place for information and my wife and I have found that park rangers are a much better source on what to see or do in the park than any guide book.  Their information is always …

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Aug 30

Oxbow Bend: Scenic Wonder


Oxbow Bend is just one of the many famous scenic spots that can be found in Grand Teton National Park.  If you get there before first light you will be in for a treat, if you do not believe me just Google images Oxbow Bend and see for yourself. Besides the postcard worthy pictures of Mount …

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Aug 23

Grand Teton National Park Overlooks: Scenic Beauty Everywhere You Look

Grand Teton Snake River Overlook

Now there are many turnoffs and overlooks located in Grand Teton National Park and it is definitely worth the fee to take the park road, but if you are on a budget or just driving through there are plenty of places to stop along Highway 89 for free.  I remember my first time driving through …

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