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Nov 12

Monday Musing: Wow was I ever wrong last Week

Being Wrong

I hate to admit it, but I will when I am, and boy howdy was I ever wrong on my electoral map projection that I wrote about in last week’s Monday Musing.  I knew that it was going to be a close election but going in I was pretty sure Governor Romney was going to …

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Nov 05

Monday Musing: Bold Prediction 2012 Election

2012 Election Map Prediction

Thank the maker it is almost over.  All the hub-bub is almost over and people hopefully can go back to being at least a little bit cordial to each other.  I understand why this election might be one of the most important in recent history with over 16 trillion dollars of debt and raising faster …

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Jul 16

Monday Musing: Playing Politics


It still cracks me up and is a total waste of time, but everyday now and again I have to check out the comment sections on certain websites.  Politico and Yahoo are my favorite because it seems like it is different people always saying the same thing.  I guess I check it because every now …

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