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Sep 09

M’s Musings


We felt like it was time for another cute installment of M’s Musings… Musing #1 M: Look mommy, I’m licking my cheeks (she proceeds to weedle her tongue wildly back and forth inside her mouth) Musing #2 M: (out of the blue) You is a handsome man Daddy! Musing #3 We were visiting Kenny’s Mom and …

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Aug 12

M’s Musings


We felt like it was time for another cute installment of M’s Musings… Musing #1 Mom: M was kind of in a M-O-O-D (spelling out the word) this morning. Dad: McKenna, were you in a M-O-O-D this morning? M: No, I in a A-B-C-D Musing #2 Holding up a little slice of pie from her toy …

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Jul 24

M’s Musings


McKenna is just talking up a storm these days and sometimes she says the most hilarious things.  She always keeps us smiling and I thought it would be fun to share a few of her most recent musings. Musing #1 During our recent travels out West we talked a lot about the poke poke pine …

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Feb 28

Take a Moment to Laugh


via After a long week sometimes it is just good to just take a moment to laugh and this picture hit my funny bone especially considering how hard it was to get up this week and go to work.

Dec 17

Too Good Not to Share


Karen saw this the other day and could not wait until I got home to show it to me.  It has to be the funniest thing that I have seen in a while.  Who ever design this commerical needs to make more of them, because they did an excellent job. It is very unique for a …

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Jun 17

Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh


Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh via Now normally I am not a big fan of Youtube or at least spending hours at a time watching videos, but my brother-in-law said I had to watch this video called Guy on a Buffalo. To give you a little background on why he would …

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Sep 29

Funny Photos


It’s been a long night….it’s been a loooong week…. sometimes you just need a good laugh.  We hope you guys chuckle as much as we did when we saw these funny photos.  Here are ten things that almost brought us to tears from laughing so hard. 1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. …

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