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Jan 25

Frugal Date Number 6- A Sporting Event


Most people seem to want to attend a professional game when they are going on a sporting event date, which is great if you can afford it, but when you have to pay for parking and anywhere from $50 to $95 dollars for an NFL ticket or $30 or higher for an NBA ticket it starts to …

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Dec 07

Frugal Date Number 7 – Take Out and a Movie at Home

Dinner and a Movie

One of our favorite, and just so happens to be our cheapest dates that Karen and I go on is number seven in our list of ten frugal dates.  The seventh date on our list is getting take out and watching a movie at home.  Karen and I would be considered home-bodies.  After working all …

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Nov 21

Frugal Date Number 4- Couple’s Board Game Night

What the board looks like

Karen and I were visiting our friends (as well as sister and brother-in-law) not too long ago, and got together to play a board game, which ended up working out great for everybody involved.  We do not get to spend as much time as we would want with our sister and brother-in-law.  The couple’s board …

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Oct 11

Frugal Date: Number 8 Get Moving

Long Hike

Karen and I like to go for walks whenever we make the time for it.  We should do it a lot more not just for the benefit of getting some exercise in, which can release the stress of the day, but it is also presents a great opportunity to talk.  Usually our walks are after …

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Sep 11

Frugal Date: Go to a Museum, Zoo, Art Gallery etc…

Us at the KC Zoo

Karen and I were in Kansas last week and we decided to take a frugal date while we were on our Labor Day weekend trip.  We had been meaning to go back to the Kansas City Zoo and we had never been to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum before so those two places became our date …

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Aug 30

Frugal Date: Matinee and Lunch

AMC Theater

Karen and I finally found some time to go on one of our 10 frugal dates that we wrote about way back in June.  To get caught up to speed check out our 10 frugal date ideas by clicking on the hyperlink.  We have just been super busy lately and last weekend we sat down and …

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Jun 08

10 Frugal Date Ideas

Frugal guy

  10 frugal date ideas. Each one of these dates is under $50.  Also I want the reader to note that we live in the Great Plains so if there are any East Coast or West Coast readers out there your dates might cost a little bit more.  Just because you are going out does …

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