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Dec 03

Out of Africa: Revisit

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! If it has claws, sharp teeth, and roars chances are it will have a nice home at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  Such a large variety of predators on display. However, it has a lot more to offer than just a typical zoo experience.  It is probably the …

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Nov 27

Bearizona: Revisit


What a difference a few years make.   It seems like we had just visited Bearizona, but the years are flying by.  Three quick years later and we were back in the Flagstaff area of Arizona.  This trip was more of a work related adventure.  I brought my inner-city cross-country guys along to do some high-altitude …

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Oct 01

Yellowstone Bear World


Home to dozens of bears and the sweetest little bear cubs.  Yellowstone Bear World was a real vacation treat for us.  Located about an hour away from Yellowstone in Rexburg, Idaho.  A great little start to the trip there or a way to cap it.  Yellowstone Bear World is a drive through wildlife attraction.  A …

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Apr 20

Tennessee Safari Park


We had good times all around at the Tennessee Safari Park.  Just a short drive off I-40 not far from Memphis this drive through safari is a must see.  Large variety of animals.  A very reasonable price.  Arguably the largest feed bucket we have ever been given at safari park.  All-in-all a great bang for …

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Oct 11

Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari


Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari is a little off of the beaten path.  Located in Gentry, Arkansas this place is on the better end of the spectrum of drive-through safaris that we have been on.  Going in we did not have high expectations, but thought it was worth checking out for our kid’s sake (and our …

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Dec 22

Out of Africa Wildlife Park:

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Out of Africa Wildlife Park gets you up close and personal to some of earth’s more majestic species of animals.  What Karen and I were able to experience there goes above and beyond anything that we could ever find at a zoo, but it also cost a lot more than any zoo experience we have …

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Dec 09

Bearizona: Bringing Nature to You

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Bearizona is a fun wildlife experience that takes you one step further than visiting your local zoo and saves your feet the trouble of having to walk miles into the wilderness to see Arizona’s wildlife.  Bearizona is a drive-thru wildlife park located in the Grand Canyon gateway town of Williams which is about an hour …

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Jan 10

Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari


Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari near Ashland, Nebraska just 30 miles southwest of Omaha, is a four mile, drive-through North American wildlife safari.  The price was very reasonable for what it is and provides ample opportunities to see and photograph some of the finest wildlife in North America.  What few drive-through safaris …

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Jul 16

Bear Country USA – Rapid City


Karen and I were on our way to Yellowstone National Park for our summer vacation and had decided to go through South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.  If you have ever driven on Interstate 90 you know about the massive amount of bill boards that are posted every other mile.  Well, after the tenth time …

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