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Oct 22

Wyoming Dinosaur Center


My oldest daughter is dino-crazy.  So, we just had to make the drive to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center one of the premier dinosaur museums in the United States.  She was not disappointed.  Giving McKenna the chance to see over 30 mounted skeletons including a Supersaurus which is super by the way.  At 106 feet there …

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Jan 10

Dinosaur Journey Museum


Looks can be deceiving.  Looking at the Dinosaur Journey Museum I thought of a small warehouse, and if it was not for my daughter’s love of dinosaurs we would have skipped this one.  Glad that went ahead and visited.  It is a smaller dinosaur museum, but the exhibits were well done.  The Dinosaur Journey Museum …

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Aug 25

Sam Noble Museum: A University Best


The Sam Noble Museum, located on the University of Oklahoma’s campus, might be passed over by many a traveler as just another college natural history museum, but it shouldn’t be.  The quality of the Sam Noble Museum’s exhibits rank up there with more of the common name big city museums that my family has visited.  …

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Oct 04

Mesalands Dinosaur Museum


Our little daughter had a blast at the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum during our most recent road trip.  The Mesalands Dinosaur Museum provided our family with the perfect place to get out of our car and stretch our legs.  Located just off of I-40 in the town of Tucumcari the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum is truly a …

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Aug 12

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center: Woodland Park


The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, located in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado seems like it could be just another tourist trap, but it is far from it.  It is a wonderful dinosaur museum/resource center that has many dinosaur exhibits including a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  The center also provides many dinosaur casts …

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