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May 20

Tip of Week: Take Better Care of your Body

take care of your body

Take better care of your body is a pretty common sense thing to have for a tip of the week, but honestly how many of us out there do it?  Now I am not talking about getting into super shape or eating healthy all the time, and if you are one of those types that …

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Dec 31

Monday Musing: The Key to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

Jan 1st

I personally am not one to make a new year’s resolution.  Been there done that too many times and like the majority of the people out there, failed at it.  I choose to instead focus on what happened over the year, what went well, what didn’t, and go from there.  I wrote earlier about my …

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Jan 02

Monday Musing: A glutton for punishment


So, my wife gets a text last night from my mom that yesterday was the last day for a discount on entering The Oklahoma City Memorial Half-Marathon and my Mom and I try to do it every year, but this year I was having second thoughts about it.  With a baby on the way Karen …

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Nov 13

P90-X Second 30 Days- Here we go Again

Iron Master Dumbell

Now for anybody that is following this blog you might have thought that we had given up on our exercises since the last time I blogged about this was way back in the early part of July.  I had just completed my first thirty days of the P90-X workout system.  I was feeling better about myself …

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Jul 21

P90X: First 30 Days


Well, we finally broke down and decided if we are ever going to get in shape now is the time.  We are both turning 30 this year and while in different points in our lives we have both been in pretty decent shape, over the last couple of years since we have been married we …

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