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Feb 06

Landscape Photography Number 21: Devils Tower

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Number 21 of my landscape photography series is a picture of Devils Tower in Wyoming off of Red Beds Trail.  My wife and I have now made it a plan to travel to Yellowstone once every five years and both times we have taken that long road trip to arguably the greatest national park in …

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Jul 24

Red Beds Trail: Devils Tower

Red Beds Trails

Red Beds Trail is one of two trails that circumnavigate Devils Tower.  The first is the Tower Trail which is at the base of rock monolith and goes for about a mile.  The Red Beds Trail is a 2.8 mile loop that provides swing outs in a wider arc from the base providing a little …

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Mar 09

Devils Tower National Monument – Wyoming

Devils Tower

Devils Tower National Monument is such a unique place that it became the United State’s first national monument when it was designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.  The park is relatively small at just around two-square miles and it is set in a beautiful area of the country on the western edge of the …

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May 20

Number 19: Devils Tower

Devils Tower Through Sacred Smoke

Number 19 is a photograph of Devil’s Tower in eastern part of Wyoming. One summer Karen and I did a 2 week long vacation from Oklahoma City to 6 other states and hit 5 national parks. On our way there we stopped off to see Devil’s Tower. It really is a sight to behold not …

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