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Jul 27

Nursery Photo Arrangement

Nursery Photo Wall

I always have a hard time deciding how to group photography in frames in our home.  It is especially hard to narrow down which pictures to use when my hubby is such a great photographer.  But somehow for M’s nursery photo arrangement I just knew exactly what I wanted.  Of course I drew some inspiration …

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Jun 04

Decorating our Nursery Part 2

vinyl wall cling

A few days ago we posted about getting on the path for decorating our nursery which you can read by clicking here.  Karen and I have still not completely finished a room in our house (besides the nursery) though we have done a lot a work on other rooms, those last decor items and finishing …

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Jun 01

Decorating our Nursery Part 1

crib preview

Karen and I have been working on our house off and on for the last three years and ironically, the first room that is going to be done is the nursery.  Now it is not quite finished yet, but it is getting close.  At first Karen went through all sorts of color schemes and fabric …

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