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Feb 21

Dallas Zoo: A Safari of Fun

Giraffe Close Up

Karen and I have been to the Dallas Zoo twice and have enjoyed both our visits because it just seems to get better each time.  Our first visit was in the early fall of 2010 when they first opened the Giants of the Savanna African exhibit which could be the best exhibit we have ever …

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Jun 25

Number 13: Giraffe – Dallas Zoo


Number 13 is a photograph of a giraffe from the Dallas Zoo’s new exhibit called Giants of the Savanna.  Karen and I really liked the exhibit because it gave any visitor many different levels to view the animals.  We both really liked the idea that you can be face to face with so many magnificent African …

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May 17

Number 22: Zebra at The Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo Zebra

Number 22 is a black and white photograph of a zebra at the Dallas Zoo.  The Dallas zoo was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  A lot of the reviews from various websites said that the Fort Worth Zoo was a better Texas zoo to go to.  Of course, like …

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