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Apr 03

Hanging Lake: A Colorado Treasure


Hanging Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake in scenic Colorado.  A natural wonder that is ever so popular with day hikers.  Those that have not made this short two and half mile round trip hike, are truly missing out.  I would consider it one of the best day hikes that I have ever done. A scenic …

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Feb 23

Spruce Tree House: Mesa Verde National Park


Spruce Tree House offers a window to the pre-Columbian times of the desert southwest.  The third largest cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park. Situated in a deep overhang. Spruce Tree House has 114 rooms and eight kivas. Due to its protective shelter the Spruce Tree House is the best preserved cliff dwelling area in …

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Feb 07

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens


The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens is a nice small garden that we visited to see their butterfly house.  With 15 acres of space it is not a large garden but I find it to be a nice size for our two little girls.  The tropical greenhouse, Children’s Secret Garden with its faux castle, and butterfly …

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Jan 26

Ute Garden Trail: Colorado National Monument.


Ute Garden Trail is a family friendly trail that has two things going for it.  First, and most important, it has an incredible view of Ute Canyon.  Second, Ute Garden Trail showcases a lot of the vegetation that is located in Colorado National Monument.  Go for the view. Like many of the spots on the park road …

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Jan 21

Coke Ovens Trail: Colorado National Monument


Coke Ovens Trail, a short hike with great views of the red-rock landscape of Colorado.  Colorado National Monument seems a little out of place in pantheon of Colorado scenery. No majestic mountains, no groves of aspens, or roaring water.  The monument would seem more at home in Colorado’s neighbor to the west.  Miles of trails …

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Jan 13

Rim Rock Drive: Colorado National Monument


Rim Rock Drive, the park road in Colorado National Monument, is one of the most scenic drives that I have been on.  Just 23 miles long.  Rim Rock Road is short and oh so sweet.  There is just something about the crisp blue western sky painted above the sweet red rocks below that gets me …

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Jan 10

Dinosaur Journey Museum


Looks can be deceiving.  Looking at the Dinosaur Journey Museum I thought of a small warehouse, and if it was not for my daughter’s love of dinosaurs we would have skipped this one.  Glad that went ahead and visited.  It is a smaller dinosaur museum, but the exhibits were well done.  The Dinosaur Journey Museum …

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Jan 07

Allen Unique Autos


We came across Allen Unique Autos looking for place to stop between our hotel and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.  Our 3-year-old gets car sick in little as 25 minutes of driving.  Solution… Dramamine. Problem, we do not like to give it to her all the time.  She gets either groggy, cranky, or hyped up.  …

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Jan 03

Vietnam War Memorial: Colorado


Strong, poignant, oddly located, the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial is a nice monument to those that served in the war.  Located in in the back of the Colorado Welcome Center, it is a small memorial.  Just off of the interstate.  Though small in stature the Vietnam War Memorial does send a powerful message in …

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Jan 01

Sunrise at Colorado National Monument


A few years ago you could not have paid me enough to get up to catch sunrise during a vacation.  Now I look forward to it.  Well, at least one special spot on each trip.  I am not that crazy it is called a vacation for a reason.   On this particular trip I decided it …

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