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Jul 07

Reiman Gardens – Ames, Iowa

We have been to many gardens but never a university garden.  The Iowa State University garden or Reiman Gardens was a fun little excursion for me.  I have been on several daddy-daughter outings with my girls and several solo expeditions with my eldest.  She is now calling our dynamic duo the Adventures of Dirt Girl …

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May 29

River Bend Nature Center – Wichita Falls, Texas

We are always looking for interesting and educational experiences for our girls. My wife and I feel that if we can make learning fun while they are young maybe they will enjoy it when they are older.  So, nature centers, zoos, interactive museums are all on the top of our list when it comes to …

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Feb 07

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens


The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens is a nice small garden that we visited to see their butterfly house.  With 15 acres of space it is not a large garden but I find it to be a nice size for our two little girls.  The tropical greenhouse, Children’s Secret Garden with its faux castle, and butterfly …

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Apr 04

Cockrell Butterfly House: Little Wings over Texas


Butterfly houses like the Cockrell Butterfly House in Houston are a fun family vacation spot.  Traveling with two little ones, finding fun educational things is a priority for us wherever we go.  We also look for places where we can see lots of things without traveling very far and Hermann Park in Houston definitely fit …

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Jan 21

Top 10 Butterfly Gardens

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My wife and I love to travel and whenever we do we try to stop by the local zoo.  After visiting over 20 different zoos we both agreed that one of our favorite type of exhibits are butterfly gardens.  So we started seeking out butterfly gardens outside of a zoo setting during our travels and we have found …

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Jul 11

Botanica: a little breath of beauty


Botanica, The Wichita Gardens is a small but beautiful 9.5 acre botanical garden located in the heart of Wichita near the Arkansas River.  There are several different themed areas in the Botanica Garden which includes a butterfly house (from June to September), a wildflower meadow, and the new Downing Children’s Garden.  Botanica will not be …

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Apr 27

Audubon Insectarium: Making the Creepy Crawly Less Creepy

Blue Butterfly

The Audubon Insectarium is home to all things that are creepy crawly, which hopefully by the time your visit is complete you will see insects in a different light.  The Audubon Insectarium is one of the largest museums of its kind with 23,000 square feet dedicated to hundreds of thousands species of insects.  This is …

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Nov 29

Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove: A World of Color

Butterfly on Purple Flower

The Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove was a nice stop for Karen, me, and baby M while traveling through the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota.  Karen and I, both being nature lovers, look out for places like this anytime that we travel, plus we thought M, who was five months old at the time, …

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Jun 24

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Orange Butterfly

 The Tucson Botanical Garden has come a long way since its beginnings as a personal garden at the home of Harrison G. Yocum.  What started out as a large diverse collection of cacti and palms has turned into a botanical garden the city of Tucson can be proud of.  Today, the Tucson Botanical Gardens contain …

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Aug 21

Butterfly Pavilion- Westminster Colorado

White Butterfly

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado which is suburb of Denver is a wonderful place to spend an hour or two watching hundreds of butterflies and other creepy crawlies.  It is a little bigger than an insect house at a large zoo, so if you have an insect house or butterfly house at your local zoo …

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