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Sep 28

Made our Bucket List: Oneonta Gorge

oneonta gorge 1

Oneonta Gorge is just one of the many reasons that I want to travel to the Pacific Northwest.  Located along the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon the Oneonta Gorge looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale.  I like the fact that the trail is short but difficult and it seems like a …

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Aug 16

Made our Bucket List: Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

My wife and I are big fans of waterfalls and seek them out when we go on our vacations.  We have seen some great ones in places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Smoky Mountains, and places in between.  However we have not yet seen one of the prettiest ones in the United States (some would argue …

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Jul 22

Made our Bucket List: Washington D.C.


At times I find it sad that I have not visited my nation’s capital.  As someone that has taught U.S. history in the public school system for the last 10 years and just the patriotic part of me really needs to see it.  Now it is more of the historic nature of the place that …

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Jun 19

Made our Bucket List: Dry Tortugas National Park

dry tortugas

Dry Tortugas National Park has long been on our bucket list though about 5 years ago we had reservations to on one of the boats that make the trip out to the island.  That particular Florida vacation was a greatest worst vacation we have ever been on.  I call it the greatest worst vacation because …

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May 19

Made our Bucket List: Kauai


via My wife Karen and I have been truly blessed in life, good jobs, been smart with our resources, and learned to live without some of the wants in life.  Because of that, we have been able to travel across the United States and have seen some amazing things.  We have been to the Big …

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Apr 27

Made our Bucket List: Banff National Park

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via I am one of those people that have longed to vacation outside of the United States, but since I have not yet done it I am a wee bit nervous.  So I figured Canada would be a great starting place as I seek to become a world traveler.  One of the many places I …

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Feb 21

Made our Bucket List: Freedom Trail

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via Freedom Trail is Boston’s historic walking trail that runs for two and half miles and goes to sixteen historically significant sites.  The highlights of the trail include: Boston Common where the British forces stayed during the occupation of the city at the beginning of the American Revolution, the Old Granary Burial Ground where famous revolutionaries …

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Feb 10

Made our Bucket List: Niagara Falls

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via We have been to Yosemite and seen Upper and Lower Falls in Yellowstone, but we have never seen Niagara Falls. I think a main appeal of seeing the falls is just the fame and majesty that Niagara Falls carries with it.  If you talk to somebody about seeing waterfalls one of the first one …

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Jan 08

Made our Bucket List: Redwood National and State Parks

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via Redwood National and State Parks has long been on our bucket list of vacation spots.  Our jowls dropped when we saw the large sequoia trees of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks a few years back and we have been ready to see the famous redwood trees ever since.  There is nothing like standing next …

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Dec 14

Made our Bucket List: Turks and Caicos

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  via Turks and Caicos has been a dream vacation for us ever since our wedding day when our wedding photographer asked us where we were going on our honeymoon which was a trip to St. Thomas and St. Johns.  Long story short we told him about our love for being on the beach and …

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