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Jun 01

Top 10 Snorkel Beaches on Hawaii: Big Island Edition


As the Great Plains heat up my mind starts to drift to the ocean and how we wish we were there.  One of our favorite vacations of all time was a 10 day stay to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Not as crowded as Oahu or Maui and just as beautiful.  In our minds the …

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Jul 25

Top Ten Things to do on the Big Island

Green Sea Turtle

Out of all of the Hawaiian Islands that we have been to the Island of Hawaii aka the Big Island is my personal favorite.  I keep joking with Karen that I want to move there, and if we had the money or a job lined up I am sure it would be more than a …

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Sep 20

Kahalu’u Beach Park: Children’s Beach

Eel Closeup

Kahalu’u Beach Park on the Big Island is the perfect spot for beginner snorkelers which might be why it also goes by the name Children’s Beach.  It is always calm but the entry can be slippery.  For the most part it was very easy to get in the water.  The only down side is the fact that …

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Jul 29

Pu’uhonua o Honaunau: “Place of Refuge” Big Island

Place of Refuge 5

Place of Refuge is a wonderful place on the Big Island of Hawaii to get a feel for and a little bit of an understanding of Hawaiian culture.  This historic park is officially called Pu’uhonua o Honaunau (pronounced poo-oo-ho-new-ah o ho-now-now, at least we think that is how it is pronounced) is an ancient place of refuge.  The …

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Jul 15

Pololu Valley: Big Island


Pololu Valley is one of the prettiest spots on the Big Island, which is saying a lot since the whole island is such a beautiful place.  The valley is home to Pololu Beach which is a black sand beach.  Karen and I did not get in the water because the surf and currents seemed way …

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Jul 14

Wai’alea Beach Park: Big Island

Wai'alea Beach Park

Wai’alea Beach Park is a gem of a spot for snorkeling or swimming in Hawaii. Karen and I really enjoyed this park and went to it several times while we were visiting the Big Island. The facilities of the park are very nice. It had a paved parking lot, restrooms, shower and drinking water everything …

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Jul 12

Makaiwa Bay – The Big Island

Yellow Tang

Karen and I love to snorkel.  It is one of our favorite past times and we try to plan at least one of our vacations every year around that activity.  Snorkeling was one of the reasons that we picked Hawaii and more specifically the Big Island as a vacation destination and we were not disappointed.  There …

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Jul 09

Akaka Falls State Park – Big Island

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls State Park is home to two wonderful waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Kahuna Falls is a 100 foot waterfall and Akaka Falls, which the park is named after, plunges 442 feet.  Akaka Falls is perhaps the Big Island’s best known waterfall.  It was my favorite waterfall on our trip to the Big …

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Jun 20

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach: Big Island


Punalu’u  Beach Park is a must stop if you are traveling to the Big Island.  It is probably the best and easiest black sand beach to get to.  Punalu’u Beach Park has public restrooms, picnic tables, showers, and it allows camping.  It is a perfect place to stop and have a picnic on your way to …

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