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Mar 26

Stafford Air and Space Museum: Oklahoma

Not all great museums are found in large cities.  The Stafford Air and Space Museum located in the small town of Weatherford is a fine example of great things coming from small places.  A world class museum that is reasonably priced.  Making the Stafford Air and Space Museum a must see when traveling down I40 …

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Jul 21

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum


Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is an aviation museum dedicated to the brave men and women who served during World War II especially those that served from the Pueblo Army Air Base.  It is a static aircraft museum with nearly 30 airplanes on display from early 20th century prop planes to jets.  The Pueblo Aircraft Museum …

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Sep 26

Cosmosphere: a Kansas Attraction that is out of this World

Ad Astra per Aspera

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is a world class museum situated in the little town of Hutchinson, Kansas about 45 minutes northwest of Wichita. This Smithsonian-affiliated museum houses the largest collection of Russian space artifacts outside of Russia and has the second largest collection of space artifacts in the world. Only the National Air and …

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Nov 21

Strategic Air and Space Museum: A Big Museum from a Little Place

SR-71 Blackbird

Karen and I were a little apprehensive about going to this museum since it is basically in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, but we walked away presently surpised at the quality of this military museum.  If you want to see some of the most strategic aircraft in the United States Air Force history then this is …

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Sep 26

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

F-14 Tulsa

Tulsa Air and Space Museum is more of a regional museum than a more traditional air and space museum with dozens of planes and space flight equipment.  It is a much smaller facility that shows and tells the excellent and fascinating story of Tulsa’s rich aerospace history.  Going in, I had not done any research …

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Jun 30

Pima Air and Space Museum: Aviation Nirvana

Flight Trainer

While on a recent trip to Arizona I got the chance to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson which if you like planes than this is your nirvana. It was a really fascinating place, the museum is dedicated to the history of flight and houses one of the largest aircraft collections in …

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Jul 30

Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Hangar Space

Visiting the Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum is a good way to spend a few hours if you are ever in Denver, Colorado.  It is an excellent museum that Karen and I feel would entertain the whole family.  I could not see anybody getting bored there because there is so much to …

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Jun 09

Combat Air Museum: Evolution of Air Combat

F-14 Tomcat

The Combat Air Museum of Topeka, Kansas is a very nice air museum.  Karen and I spent a couple of hours there one afternoon.  This military museum houses 33 aircraft that range from a WWI era replica of a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, WWII era P-51D Mustang, and an F-14 Tomcat (that is the fighter jet that is …

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